Why Auisy

Auisy Technologies combines real-life operational experience with superior functional and technical Oracle expertise. Auisy Technologies mission is to help our clients improve their business performance. We accomplish this by combining our business process improvement skills with our knowledge of ERP technology. We provide intelligent recommendations to solve the most complex enterprise - wide issues. As an advisory and consulting firm with Big 4 expertise, we are proud of our reputation and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Auisy Technologies Delivers Value

  • Experienced ERP comparison and consulting
  • Knowledge of ERP and business process best practices for your industry
  • A proven methodology that optimizes team efficiency, and reduces time to benefit
  • Knowledge of ERP Vendors and their products

Planning and project performance are both essential. Auisy Technologies goal is to:

  • Identify strategic goals, design and plan the implementation to meet business needs
  • Manage the project with minimal business interruption
  • Provide high performing cross - functional and technical teams
  • Complete on - time implementations that are well accepted by users and achieve the business goals set by management

A Smart Approach

Smart organizations turn to Auisy Technologies team of consultants to minimize risk, accelerate the selection and implementation process and increase the success and value of ERP.

ERP consultants from Auisy Technologies deliver tremendous value to your ERP project because they offer technological knowledge and industry expertise to organize, manage and measure success.

Our ERP consulting team contributes to your bottom line by offering:

  • Deep experience in all manufacturing industries delivered by a seasoned team located in manufacturing centers around North America.
  • Proven methodology with objective, in-depth understanding of ERP selection and implementation best practices.
  • Efficient process that makes your critical resource more productive in the project.
  • A process that speeds your time to benefit. Auisy 7 Miles methodology “cuts to the chase.” Our approach gets our clients to the goal line in half the time of traditional methods. We will not waste your time.
  • An independent, vendor-neutral team that has worked through the process numerous times, with strategies to accelerate training, implementation and ROI.
  • Cost savings opportunities stemming from ERP vendor contract negotiations. Time and resource savings at all phases of the project – from business process mapping and requirements definitions to training and go-live.

Get help with your most complex issues

  • Global business challenges
  • Atomization in ERP Business Process and Executions
  • Atomization in ERP (Financials, SMC, HCM)
  • Stabilization in ERP (Financials, SMC, HCM).
  • New M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions).
  • Consolidations/ alignment of instances.
  • Security Policies with (Risk and Frauds).
  • Change in business structure
  • Chart of Accounts redesigning
  • Significant customizations
  • Excessive work done outside of Oracle
  • Legacy and third – party systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Need to improve reporting
  • Road Map for International financial reporting systems in ERP.