Application Services

Auisy’s Delivery Model for Product Development enables companies to reduce their cost of product development and hence ensure high returns while keeping a control on the product architecture. It is flexible enough to scale up and scale down the product teams based on business priorities.

Around the globe, businesses rely on us to create new capabilities for their application portfolios. Using our full range of services — from custom application development, testing and maintenance through package deployment, upgrades and consulting — you can invest more strategically in core business activities, while improving ROI from tight IT budgets.

Our solutions have been addressing the needs of industries such as telecom, retail, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and the government.

Through our application development and systems integration services, you can gain consulting and delivery expertise in both end-to-end systems integration and custom application development. Our services can help you drive innovation and expand into new markets while reducing overall costs.

Our Offerings

  • Building new applications
  • Maintaining and enhancing enterprise critical applications
  • Web enabling for increased visibility and usability
  • Creating streamlined, end-to-end virtual business processes
  • Developing customized applications engineered for a perfect fit