Business Process Analysis

The first step in a business process improvement project is the analysis of existing processes. When companies decide to consider improve business processes, this is where they start.

Auisy Technologies provides a methodology to review and analyze existing business processes for companies that want to improve their business processes.

The methodology begins by structuring business processes with a top down diagram. The first level of review identifies the top hierarchy of business processes. Process users are identified. The most knowledgeable users are interviewed. The output of the interview is the development of business process mapping which show the flow of information and the interaction of the users in other departments.

As the maps are being produced, a business process consulting team will facilitate the analysis of the business process.

Components of a Business Process Analysis

  • Key performance metrics
  • Redundant processes, data, and data entry (waste)
  • Value of process
  • Problems with the process
  • Areas for improvement

Business process analysis is the key first step to the improvement of business processes. It provides the structure and information needed for the development of new and improved business processes.