Business Process Review

Once the business processes have been documented, a review of the process should be conducted. The review should include the key business users, department management, and an expert business process consultant. An outsider helps by providing an independent opinion of the process.

The process needs to be reviewed. Then the team needs to ask the value of the process.

  • Is there waste in the process?
  • Are their redundancies in the process, in the data, and data entry versus other processes in the company?

In the business process mapping, the users and management identify key performance metrics that are used in managing the business day to day.

In the review, the users and management need to input their opinion on the process.

  • Are their problems or issues with the process?
  • What are their suggestions for improvement?

An experienced business process consultant can guide the team through a thorough review of the process.

The process review is documented and added to the current state documentation folder.