ERP Upgrade

Upgrading to Oracle R12 once was a matter of choice. Today’s globalized business strategies require the ability to achieve ‘universal’ compliance, reduce IT costs, obtain flexible reporting, and perform efficient integrations .Nowadays, streamlining Finance, HCM, SCM, and other back office processes has become a necessity for companies that need to stay ahead in the race for greater profits.

At Auisy Technologies we embrace the fact that every company is different with unique business requirements and our Oracle R12 Upgrade service offerings reflect that reality. Knowing that one size doesn't fit all, we have developed three alternatives that will suit your needs when upgrading to Oracle R12.

In addition to giving you the agility to choose the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 upgrade option that's right for you, partnering with Auisy Technologies also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your Oracle R12 Upgrade will finish on-time and on-budget. All of our service options are designed to avoid critical interruptions and minimize downtime, maintaining continuity as you migrate your ERP solution to a new platform. Oracle E-Biz R12 includes a host of enrichments from both technology & functional aspects that will enable enterprises to meet these goals and increase IT efficiency.

Why Upgrade to R12

R12 upgrade enables organizations to carry out swift and disruption free upgrades to their EBS applications. It allows them to keep pace with the latest industry best practices and product enhancements that boost the operational efficiency of the organization in the following Processes

  • Financial
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Capital Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

It also brings about improved user experience, performance, flexibility and scalability.

Auisy Oracle ERP R12 Upgrade Plan


How Many Ways Can We Upgrade?

1.     Auisy Oracle ERP Swift Upgrade

Auisy Oracle ERP Swift Upgrade is designed for organizations seeking a rapid, no frills upgrade to Oracle R12 and provides a fixed price solution for organizations seeking a rapid, no frills upgrade to Oracle R12.

Auisy Oracle ERP Swift Upgrade delivers a working Oracle R12 system that mirrors your transactional processing in 11i without business process transformation.

Each Auisy Oracle ERP Swift Upgrade follows a similar path:

  • Assessing your existing 11i environment,
  • Validating your environment's functional qualifications
  • Verifying the count and complexity of your CEMLI(Configurations/Customization, Extension, Modification, Localization and Internationalization, and Integration)
  • Limited functional assistance on specific modules
  • Limitation for CEMLI(Configurations/Customization, Extension, Modification, Localization and Internationalization, and Integration)
  • Onsite Oracle R12 training workshop.

Though the project, you'll work with a dedicated Project Manager who will coordinate with an offshore team of technical and functional experts who will support and test the upgrade process.

Auisy Oracle ERP Swift Upgrade services are limited to Oracle E-Business Suite Customers who minimum CECTI (configurations extensions customization taxation integration)

2.     Auisy Oracle ERP On Demand Upgrade

E-Business Suite users seeking both a technical Oracle R12 Upgrade as well as comprehensive business process enhancements should consider Auisy On Demand Upgrade. This service offering is geared towards companies with a large Oracle footprint who need to migrate to Oracle R12. This includes organizations that:

  • Have grown significantly either organically or due to acquisitions and mergers
  • Are currently using 20 or more Oracle E-Business Suite modules
  • Support multiple countries with complex localization requirements (such as Asia Pacific or Latin America)
  • Maintain a complex enterprise structure such as a shared services model

Each Auisy on Demand Upgrade begins Oracle ERP R12 Upgrade Plan with (Stage 1: Pre Upgrade Assessment and Upgrade Planning and Preparation) where the Subject Matter Experts Analyze/ Audit the system. The Audit File Comprises of all the critical issues, Changes to Processes, New Features Incorporation, Custom Development, Etc.

Auisy Oracle ERP on Demand Upgrade is ideal for organizations that need to:

  • Suffice global localization and governance and compliance requirements
  • Centralize Instance For Global Access
  • Third Party Migration of all the (Internal and External) Process
  • Controls significant changes to organizational structure due to acquisitions, mergers, dissolutions etc.
  • Incorporate additional modules ON DEMAND

Please contact Auisy Sales Team at for a more detailed analysis of your upgrade roadmap. With a team that possesses the right mix of experience and skills, Auisy will be an ideal implementation partner. We can deploy Fast track methodologies for a swift upgrade based on your requirements and timelines with minimal impact on the existing business or the core functionalities.